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Or maybe an empathetic look at alien abduction. Or maybe both? The movie, starring Alison Brie, who also co-wrote it with filmmaker Jeff Baena, tells the story of craft store salesperson Sarah, who loves making lanyards, watching her favorite supernatural detective show, and visiting her old horse, Willow.

The movie is ambiguous as to what really happened to Sarah, especially after her first night at the mental health facility. After a nurse leaves her room, Sarah follows through the still-open door and exits the hospital—only for the camera to pan up and reveal another Sarah still in the hospital room, watching herself below. And some of what we see happening after Sarah makes her escape from the facility seems unlikely to be the work of aliens, like the matching suits she crafts for herself and her horse from an improbably long bolt of fabric, and the scene in which she has sex with her one-time date, Darren, only for him to transform into the lead actor from her favorite TV show.

But other occurrences are less clearly the result of psychosis, and the film can definitely be read as suggesting that Sarah really is a victim of alien malfeasance. Upon talking to her, Sarah discovers that the woman wound up in the facility after experiencing major time gaps. This definitely tilts things towards the alien abduction theory.

In an interview with Vulture, the Community and Mad Men actor suggested that she wanted Horse Girl to spark discussion of its mysteries. Her Vulture interview lends credence to both the mental health and alien abduction readings of the movie. When will it come out? But Brie also backed up the alien abduction stuff, too.

is the movie reddit

Brie also said that she personally believes aliens are real. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katrina Marcinowski Netflix. What happened at the end of Horse Girl? Related Stories. Director and co-writer Jeff Baena. Gabrielle Bruney Gabrielle Bruney is a writer and editor for Esquire, where she focuses on politics and culture.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Movies.Things have gotten quieter lately on the graphic suffering front, but the eighth entry in the Saw franchise arrives this weekend after a seven-year dormant period for the franchise, hoping to rekindle your interest in torture tourism. The question is: Were the Saw movies actually good enough to merit bringing this beast back out of retirement?

The answer: … Sort of! John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell wanted to weed out the deviants and the ungrateful — but he typically gave victims a chance to redeem themselves and reclaim their souls with a fresh perspective on how to truly cherish the gift of life.

None of these movies is good compared to, say, The Shiningbut compared to one another, there are true winners and losers here.

The flashbacks are constant, filling in the ever-retconned backstory of John Kramer and his minions. The death traps come at such a rapid pace, you wonder who has time to set up all these elaborate games, one of which features the late Chester Bennington not saying one line, but rather, screaming through an entire scene. Meanwhile, Bobby the poseur has to work through a murder labyrinth to save his wife, but that game is mostly a distraction from the fact that Dr.

Lawrence Gordon Cary Elwes from the first Saw has resurfaced — and is revealed as an accomplice of Jigsaw from the very beginning. Gordon — down one foot because he had to hacksaw one off to survive his death game — resurfacing as a top Jigsaw disciple just makes everyone in this universe seem far too willing to join forces with a man who mutilated them in the name of tough love. But there are limits to entertaining brutality, and IV crosses them. Jigsaw victims in this chapter are punished for offenses like child abuse and sex crimes, and if violence is going to be your calling card, you have to make a choice: big gore or horrific exploitation.

IV also piles on the twists. You thought Donnie Wahlberg died in II?

Long tv setup

None of this even has anything to do with the A plot, which is that SWAT guy Reggie — who was introduced in II — now has to survive a Jigsaw game to save a pair of fellow officers.

Also, even though the movie begins with the body of John Kramer being autopsied, the movie whiplashes you in the climax, revealing that IV actually took place in a concurrent timeline with IIIwith the characters and narratives colliding in the triage operating theater featured in that third movie. Despite how assaulting they are, Saw movies are actually best binged like a TV show — think of it as American Horror Black Mirror Story — because there are so many threads to hold on to, you need to watch as fast as possible to keep up.

Itchy forehead spiritual meaning

It just starts to feel like cheap tricks. Saw cleans up pretty well in these modern times: This is the first movie that actually looks sort of expensive, and it trades the sickening green color palette of the first seven efforts for actual daylight. Based on a visible license plate, it looks like Saw takes place in New Jersey, and Jigsaw finally makes the state look like something other than a dreary companion universe to Silent Hill.

The main game in the torture barn drags, with long gaps between rounds of punishment. The seventh sequel is not an unwelcome entry, but it does hang around the low-middle of the pack. Signature device: The blood-collecting table saw This one is fun because its central conflict is purely entertaining.Once again, these are all just theories.

Wow restore deleted character with same name

Everyone might have their own, so feel free to jot them down in the comments below. Many fans walking out of the theater were wondering about the significance of the rabbits in the tunnels. There are a couple of explanations: mainly, rabbits are associated with mass breeding. For people living underground, that would mean they would have a good, continuous source of food.

is the movie reddit

Also, rabbits have become synonymous with experimentation — in the film, the government tried to clone people but soon halted the experiment after they realized they could only clone bodies, not souls. According to The Ringerrabbits have also had many roles in cinema.

Have you ever gotten close to rabbits? You can tell in their eyes, they have the brain of a sociopath. If you put a rabbit brain in a human body, you have Michael Myers, the killer. UsMovie pic. Reddit users have gone absolutely crazy with the idea of duality.

Joker (2019)

One fan mentioned the Rorschach test, where inkblots are presented to a subject and their responses are analyzed through psychological interpretation. In the trailer, inkblots are part of the credits, which begin the idea of duality for the whole film. There are always two identical halves that make up a whole. Throughout the movie, there are two things that make up a whole thing.

‘Us': Here Are 8 of the Craziest, Greatest Theories, From Duality to 11:11

Peele also used references to Michael Jackson throughout the film. Speaking of scissors — why did Peele choose this particular tool as the terrifying murder weapon? The director himself explain the literal duality of scissors in a movie where people are being attacked by themselves.

Many fans have theorized about the theme of social inequality in the film, as well. He explained that throughout the movie, The Tethered expressed how they had struggled in their lives, wishing they led a better version that was handed to the people above.

Plus, the appearance of The Tethered referred to maybe less access to health care and just general hygiene, once again a reference to social inequality. But if you watch closely, you will see many references to that particular number throughout the film.

The Lighthouse

This is one of the more far-fetched theories, but still worth mentioning. There is always someone who has more than us. The Wilsons are doing fine financially — they have a summer house at the beach, and Gabe buys a boat. But their friends, the Tylers, have a nicer boat, a nicer house, etc.Thanks for connecting! You're almost done.

5 Reasons 'Joker' Is A Terrible Joker Movie

Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. In case this is your first time on the internet, and this article your first stop, let us inform you that there's movie called Joker which just hit theaters.

Social media is currently a bubbling puddle of melted cheese after all the hot takes this thing has prompted. Some people love it, some hate it, some think it is to the incel community what Labyrinth was to the "dudes who like to wear revealing pants and hang out with puppets" community.

We too have some issues with this movie. But let's put aside any societal implications and purely look at how this movie gels with the mythology of Batman. Yes, the Bat-verse is in a constant state of growth and change, allowing space for both gritty realism and neon-lit nipples.

But we can't help but wonder if giving the Joker his own karaoke version of Taxi Driver does an inherent disservice to the franchise. After all Batman's best villains reflect aspects of Bruce Wayne's own personality -- Two-Face his duality. Scarecrow his ability to inflict fear, Man-Bat his The Joker is unique because he represents the polar opposite of the Caped Crusader.

While Batman dresses in dark colors, Joker wears a bright purple suit. Batman scowls, Joker has a creepy perma-grin. Batman has a strict moral code, Joker is unpredictable and anarchic.

People Reveal The Greatest Behind-The-Scenes Movie Facts (r/AskReddit - Reddit Stories)

And in case you didn't notice, Batman is positively steeped in backstory. Every aspect of Bruce's alter-ego is clearly defined by his origin, which is why we all get to see the Waynes die in Crime Alley with more regularity than we see the dentist. Without this detailed biography, we'd all think Batman was a lunatic. Even the Adam West TV show, which was about as edgy as a beach ball in a bouncy castle, went out of its way to reference the Waynes' murder in the very first scene of the pilot episode.

As Batman's opposite, by extension, the Joker should have no clear-cut backstory that defines his every motivation. The best iterations of Joker typically leave his past a mystery, give scant details about it, or make us question its authenticity more on that later. Joker is nothing but an explanation for his actions.

We learn how Travis Bickle Arthur Fleck is a mentally ill clown who inadvertently inspires a lower-class revolt after gunning down some douchey business bros, and eventually learns that he likes murder so much that it makes him dance over and over.

But even if Todd Phillips wanted to tell a story wherein the Joker is a sympathetic protagonist, why not adjust Batman's role accordingly? Make the Dark Knight a shadowy, mysterious foe opposing our antihero.

Made nice chef

Instead we get a weirdly classist Thomas Wayne as a central character, whose murder we see yet again. By filling in the Joker's past and Batman's at the same time, the entire balance of their dynamic is thrown off.

Not to mention that Joker will be a senior citizen by the time Bruce becomes Batman.Skip navigation!

is the movie reddit

Story from Movies. Ariana Brockington. The Easter eggs Peele included in the Get Out were one of the many reasons the film became a global success that generated conversations. He decided to give them a little head start by sharing the meaning of Usthe movie's title, ahead of the films release on March Us might seem like a simple name, but of course, since it was created by Peele, it has multiple layers to it. Here's what we know about the title's true meaning.

But, with Peele, nothing is that easy. The state of this country inspired me. He added that he wants to give audiences just enough to let their imaginations run wild without giving them concrete answers.

During his press circuit for UsPeele continued to speak on the cultural and national significance of the themes addressed in the psychological horror film. Maybe the evil is us. As for why Peele chose to mainly express these problems through doppelgangers, that reasoning was actually quite simple. Coming face to face with your evil twin is creepy. Yes, even Peele, a horror genius, has fears. The mysteriousness of Us means moviegoers will be in for a shocking experience.

Plus, since Peele created an entire moved based on something that terrified himwe can only imagine how many viewers will be on the edge of their seats watching this film. Hopefully with the tip about the dual meaning of the title, they will be able to recognize out the hidden messages in Us. There will certainly be plenty of theories as Us is bound to be a huge topic of conversation as audiences start to see it en masse, sparking the conversations Peele hoped for.

Iraq had be. As someone who loves adding personal commentary to films, I miss screening movies with friends. A lot. If I had to make a list of things I longed for, it w. While the world is scrambling for toilet paper, it feels like there will never be a shortage of movies. Even though Hollywood production has come to a stan.

The sci-fi story is still slated to hit theat. Over the last decade, the demographics in Hollywood have shifted, thanks to an overwhelming push for better on-screen representation by actors and the audi. Original article published below on February This summer. Shailene Woodley has been doing a lot of thinking about what she wants in life. She may be currently self-isolating at home, but it was her role in her mos.Viola Davis, a luminous triple threat who has conquered the stage, film, and television, has one major career regret.

I had a great experience with these other actresses, who are extraordinary human beings. And I could not ask for a better collaborator than Tate Taylor. Why, then does Davis regret the project? I know Aibileen.

Cox engines amazon

I know Minny [played by Octavia Spencer, who won a best-supporting-actress Oscar]. And I know that if you do a movie where the whole premise is, I want to know what it feels like to work for white people and to bring up children inI want to hear how you really feel about it.

I never heard that in the course of the movie. Davis was nominated herself for her heartrending portrayal of Aibileen, in the best-lead-actress category. Skeeter enjoys all the self-discovery and all the credit. Another person who took issue with the film?

Ablene Cooper, the real nanny who worked for Stockett family and inspired the character Davis would eventually play. The suit was eventually dismissed by a Mississippi judge. That said, the movie was a blockbuster success and a turning point for many of its stars—including Spencer, who won her first Oscar, and Chastain, who quickly became a household name.

It was also a hit for Davis, one of her biggest film roles since her all too brief Oscar-nominated turn in Doubt. But it might have been nice if The Help had actually centered on, you know, the women who inspired its title. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Steve McQueen!

Viola Davis! Gillian Flynn! All are in fine form in this highly anticipated, prestige popcorn flick. By Richard Lawso n. By Yohana Dest a. By Paul Ch i.Forgot your password? Don't have an account? Sign up here. Got more questions about news letters? Email support rottentomatoes. Already have an account? Log in here. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

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